Shame on Labor

Robert Harwood, West Hobart, Apr 12, 2024

This is especially relevant given the role of Dr H. V. Evatt as both a Labor leader and UN president. One has to wonder what this eminent figure in both Australian and world history would think if he were alive to witness the flaccid and gutless response, by the current federal ALP administration, to war crimes currently being perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Indeed, is there any such thing as an independent Australian position? A position that acknowledges that deliberate targeting of women, children, the vulnerable in medical care, the elderly, NGOs, and journalists, is just ‘not on’. In fact, a position that would call this indiscriminate attack on Gaza and the lesser reported West Bank, for what it really is: a war crime, a crime against humanity, and genocide.

We do need an alliance with the USA and England, for example, for lots of valid reasons; but, at what price?

I love Australia but only feel shame that our current leadership is so craven and bereft of humanitarian values. I’m sure Dr Evatt would agree with this stern appraisal.

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