Six hundred years of reform?

James Mitchell, IPSWICH, Jul 21, 2023

Catholics are missing the point when talking about the failure of the Catholic Church. If it has failed and is irrelevant – get rid of it.

I am now in my 70s, a former registered nurse, and before that a catholic seminarian. I was recently reminded by a colleague from my seminary days of my interest in the Catholic mystics and so began a leisurely rereading of things spiritual and religious.

In response to the letters of Barbara and some time back of Francis Sullivan I am moved to ask, why are we still trying to recover the Catholic Church? As far back as the 1500s and before there were attempts to reform the church. What did Henry VIII achieve in separating from the church? (Another Catholic Church?)

I am not for getting rid of Christianity, or any of the major religious beliefs. What we need to demolish are the structures built round them, and the idols of these institutions which pose as doctrines of faith.

Cardinal Pell and his ilk are the Scott Morrisons of today’s churches. They are not interested in the core message of Christianity but merely the trappings of power and prestige – the idols and institutions – to support their egos. The reform organisations in the churches must see that revolt, not reform is what is required.

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