The capitulation of Ukraine

Peter Sheehy, Blackheath NSW, Jun 17, 2024

I found this article by Geoffrey Roberts, insulting, offensive and misleading using misinformation in order to achieve the writers political agenda.

I find what Roberts says in much in line with what Jeffrey D. Sachs has to say, which is that the war in Ukraine is a proxy war between the US and Russia and therefore independent Ukraine has no say. So the sooner Ukraine’s learn to live on their knees and bow down to Putin the sooner the war will end.

Except just prior to the war, a day, a week or a month prior, Ukraine was recognized by Russia and every other country in the world as an independent. So what right does Roberts bestow on Russia to invade an independent country, because there is no such right.

There are many, many independent countries around the world looking to how this war ends. If Ukraine and allies win then independence is enhanced for all. If Russia,a nuclear power, wins then the opposite occurs.

So what can an independent country do in order to enhance their independence against such adversaries. Why get their own nuclear weapons………..OH! Be careful what you wish for.

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