The critical mass is getting close to defeating the Israeli and Western propaganda machines

John Ebel, Melbourne, VIC, Nov 15, 2023

I have been observing the current intransigent and wonderful opposition to the Israeli and Western propaganda machines. What the grass roots opposition signifies is the growth of a massive international opposition to the genocide in Gaza and the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank.

And what it reminds me of is the beginnings of the opposition to the Vietnam War. The same lying and mendaciousnes on the part of the ruling elites, and the same visceral and informed reaction and opposition to the lying about the barbarism engaged by these ruling elites.

What is significant in this current time is the dissolution of the dominant narrative of these ruling elites about the mass serial killings of Palestinians in Gaza. This is now becoming increasingly transparent by huge daily leaps in critical awareness and consciousness of millions of people around the world and is registered with the increasing growth of weekend demonstrations all around the world.

Millions are now saying loudly and clearly that the unimaginable atrocities committed by the Israeli military death machine simply cannot continue.

Let’s make sure that these marches keep growing to such huge proportions that the ruling elites will be unable to ignore them!

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