The Hypocrisy on Gaza is widespread indeed

Marcus May, Ocean Grove, Jun 14, 2024

As most Australians are reviled by the Gaza war, seeing, as always, it is the innocent civilians who suffer in war, not the politicians or generals, it is interesting to compare the expressed Australian outrage over Gaza, the horror over Australian support for Israel, in articles such as this one, with the complete lack of interest expressed in what is happening, has happened, in other war zones around the world, where the international community watched and did nothing.

Sudan, 150,000 murdered, 10 million displaced.
Egypt, 35,000 illegal arrests and ‘disappearances’, 15,000 homes destroyed
Syria, 500,000 gassed & murdered, 6 million displaced, 450 direct attacks on hospitals
Rwanda, 1 million ethnic peoples massacred in 100 days.

No outrage, no votes of condemnation,, no mass rallies, no occupations, no action!

It is apparently Australia’s alliance with the only democracy in the Middle East that is to be condemned.

And yes, Israel’s war is horrific, because it is fighting against an enemy that hides behind its innocent civilians, hides in hospitals, schools and tent camps, hides in the earth underneath its poor people that it has ignored since coming to power, holding no elections, allowing no opposition, focussed on Israel’s destruction.

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