The real battle to save NDIS is about people

Shirley Humphris, Geelong, Apr 15, 2024

The true failure of this NDIS Bill will be revealed in the likely extensive amendments . This misguided article fails to provide an analysis of real cost saving. Instead the rationing of NDIS supports could cause cost increases, due to serious health breakdown, compared to the disallowed $500 piece of equipment for independence costing years of a support worker. Reduced therapy could mean the difference between a future taxpayer or a lifetime on welfare.

It is the incompetent NDIA and the not fit for purpose PACE IT system that is the real threat. It is shameful that the Agency itself was never part of the Review terms of reference. There is a call for a Royal Commision into NDIA.

The language of the DSS drafting of the Bill’s explanatory statement, using examples of online gambling, perfume and purchase of 10 food processors, is an indication of how low government will stoop to discredit people with disability. Shame on them to attempt to set the public against participants who only need an ordinary life.

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