The US has lost key states

Louise O'Brien, Wollstonecraft, May 24, 2024

Thanks to Israel’s genocide in Gaza, the Saudis are not doing a normalisation agreement with Israel. The US tried to do a Plan B with the Saudis, which was an AUKUS type deal, but they have also walked away from that as well. This is of major strategic importance.

The Saudis have signed up with the BRICS.

Looks like India is refusing to sign an AUKUS deal as well. They currently buy around half of their military weapons from Russia and are refusing to change on this. Being a ‘QUAD’ member is largely meaningless.

The US Petrodollars is largely considered dead. Thanks to endless sanctions on over half of the world’s population, countries are moving away from using the US dollar for trade.

The US Government spends more on servicing its debt than on military spending, which is the tipping point for when an empire is finished.

The US will soon be just a middle power with a massive amount of debt.

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