The Voice: my perspective

Doug Foskey, Lismore, NSW, Sep 8, 2023

I read with interest the article by Abul Rizvi. I feel his deductions are correct, but I feel the reason the conservatives are against the Voice is far more sinister.

I have noticed that in Australian politics in recent years, there is far more impact of foreign powerbrokers in our politics. I was horrified when the Labor party supported Aukus, including buying badly designed US nuclear submarines. At any time 30% of these subs are out of service for repairs.

One would think that after all the other disastrous military purchasing decisions over the years that the government would be extremely careful about contracts with groups that have no idea about delivering on time & on budget a quality product.

To make matters worse, it seems we have agreed to accept the nuclear waste, when there has never been any area in Australia that wants to set up a nuclear dump. Talk about the cart before the horse!

Now to tie the above to the Voice referendum. The most likely place for a Nuclear dump is on First Nation´s land. If the First Nations people have a Voice, I feel they would be likely to not agree with this proposal.

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