There is a plan for human survival

Elizabeth Boulton, Melbourne, Jun 26, 2023

Recently Professor Cribb asserted that “nobody has a Plan for Human Survival.”

This is not a true statement. PLAN E, introduced in this journal last year, is a concept for an emergency response to the hyperthreat of climate and ecological crisis. Professor Cribb has previously argued that PLAN E does not address his list of 10 mega threats. In fact, PLAN E does account for these and more.

The hyperthreat encapsulates all forms of climate and environmental problems (threats 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 on his list).

The overall ‘Grand Strategy’ takes an “entangled security” approach – it creates a high-level framework to concurrently address planetary, human, and state security dimensions. Thus, AI and nuclear threats, among others such as sexual violence and human trafficking are sub-sets of these larger three categories. Further, addressing specific threats relates to reducing drivers for conflict at their source and PLAN E focusses upon that aspect.

In his other article, ‘The Age of Women’, Professor Cribb writes that current perilous times requires women’s leadership. For women to have any such influence, the first step is to include and listen to their unique ideas and concepts.

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