There is nothing “mythical” about Nazis in Ukraine

Chris Hermann, Sunshine Coast, Aug 3, 2023

P&I deservedly prides itself on publishing diverse, non-mainstream viewpoints while encouraging civil debate. However, I found Jon Richardson’s article “A twentieth century Terra Nullius: Crimea, Canards and Confabulations” quite disturbing to read. In his apparent zeal to demonstrate that Russia does not have a valid claim over Crimea, Richardson refers to “mythical Nazis in Kyiv”. His denial of the existence of this detestable ideology in Ukraine appears to extend to his previous contribution.

It has been established beyond reasonable doubt that Nazis not only exist in Ukraine, but have amassed a great deal of power in Kiev/Kyiv. Even the mainstream media widely acknowledged this prior to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine’s frozen civil war in February 2022. One might attempt to counter this with the assertion that Nazis only had a relatively small representation in Ukrainian politics and that President Zelensky has Jewish ancestry. This view ignores the fact that Nazis have historically exercised outsized influence through the use of intimidation tactics and political violence.

In light of this, I urge readers to examine Mr. Richardson’s narrative with a critical eye.

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