We still see ourselves as an appendage of the Anglosphere entrapped in South East Asia with Asians, especially the Chinese, coveting our Continent. We are still obsessed with the fear of encroaching Yellow
Peril-itis. The response to this irrational view of ourselves and of our neighbours has led our leaders to hysterically cling to; initially Great Britain, which as the fall of Singapore exposed was not Great anymore, to then equally hysterically, to the apron strings of the U.S.

Our blinkered leaders on both sides of politics continue by surrendering our sovereignty to the
Americans, in pursuit of America’s desire to remain as the only hegemon. This may lead to a war with China, a war which threatens our wellbeing and trade.

Over the last 30 years or so successive Governments have allowed the U.S. to infiltrate our country and our institutions for the purpose of co opting Australia in its confinement of China, which is clearly not
in our interests, as China has and is still a source of our prosperity.

You don’t go poking the eye of the goose that lays your Golden Eggs with a sharp stick.

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