Unity of Life

Frederic Richter, Townsville, Queensland, Apr 2, 2024

We will not find God and transcendence in a cynically consumerist and secularist world, and not in the insipid, self-engrossed church. When Stan clearly relates First Nations beliefs with Christianity and he speaks about meeting hatred with love, he is speaking the truth. “My people can teach the world to love Don’t mistake our love for weakness, it is our strength.” In Christ we are called to love each other, there is no colour, sex, slavery, all Christians are equal parts of the body of Christ in the world. If Christians are alive to God, they will remember why we were made: to look after this world by working in harmony with our God, the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit

Stan concluded with another Wiradjuri concept, “Yindyamarra Winhanganha”, meaning “the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in” and he asked if the Australian media was truly honouring “A world worth living in.” It is not only the media who are failing in that.

We need a good understanding of what Christianity is about, and to recognize that post-modern individualism is not the basis for a coherent society!

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