We ARE part of the problem!

Peter Hehir, Rozelle. Sydney, Apr 18, 2024

Larry Stillman and Harold Zwier write ‘We urge the Australian government to maintain its support for Israel, for Palestine and a negotiated settlement to the conflict through recognition of Palestine’.

Whilst few could argue with the substance of their joint article, the suggestion that the Australian government should ‘maintain its support for Israel’, given the acts of genocide currently being perpetuated by Israel, is a position that can’t and shouldn’t be justified, morally or politically.

The only way to shift Netanyahu’s and Israel’s intransigent position, that Israel is and will forever remain the sole state, is for Australia and the international community to withdraw their support for Israel, until such time as the Israeli government accepts the two state solution. If both Albanese and Wong are genuine in seeking a solution, the sale of Australian armaments to Israel must also cease immediately.

Wong’s support for the two state solution needs to be backed up with strong and decisive action from the ALP, if we are not to continue to be seen by the international community as lacking in both morals and courage . We are either part of the solution; or we remain a not insignificant part of the problem.

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