We can see the future, and it’s bleak.

Chris Young, Surrey Hills, Vic, Mar 22, 2024

Julian Cribb joins the dots of the challenges that humanity is facing.

While there are many threats to life on our over-burdened, under-protected planet, they could each be managed by an intelligent species prepared to see and accept the reality that each presents. As Cribb notes, this capacity is being forever undermined by those with the wealth and power to tell the people that these claims of risk are exaggerated or wrong; that everyone should just continue either to live as they like to now, or at most make modest changes to their lifestyles as if any gesture of goodwill will pacify the gods of nature.

The grossly inadequate steps being taken to minimise the risks we face are leaving us on course for mutually assured destruction. Those who are leading us – whether through political power or through the mainstream media – will suffer with the rest of us. Our one chance at redemption is, as a species, to see, learn, understand and accept what we are facing, and what we must do to overcome that. It’s hard to be optimistic when the sounds of Nero’s fiddle are ringing so loudly in our ears.

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