We must recover the common good

Chris Young, Surrey Hills, Vic, Jun 14, 2024

In the minds of those concerned for the salvation of life on earth the focus has been on securing an urgent transition from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy. This is certainly critical. Our government is supporting this transition, for good immediate reason, as a great commercial opportunity.

Geoff Davies has identified that the energy transition alone will be insufficient to achieve a truly sustainable society. The other, at least as important, is to make the transition back from our market-based, neo-liberalism enhanced society to the more socially cohesive and caring society which reclaims the commons, and prioritises the common good.

This dual transition must ultimately be led by our federal parliament. Davies argues that for this to occur we must elect more community-based independents – ‘Teals’ – because the major parties have been captured by vested interests. Having more community-based independents in parliament will help, but the major parties must also be convinced. They will only be convinced if the community demands it.

Time is short now. Many people have grown up knowing nothing but our current market-based life. We must speak. We must educate. We must all stand up for the return of the common good.

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