We need leaders who rise to the climate challenge

Chris Young, Surrey Hills, Vic, Jun 14, 2024

‘Lifestyle’ has been the major gain for the great majority of people since 1945. This has led the rampant consumerism which has us ‘using more resources than the world has to offer’. It is the political risk of compromising this lifestyle that prevents populist democratic governments from reining in our changing climate. This inability threatens to destroy the world which has evolved over the past sixty million years; this is the world we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

Violet Coco is intelligent, informed, passionate and provocative. She sees the critical state of our climate and environment, and the need for urgent, transformative action. She communicates through drama. And she has the courage to lead. She puts herself at legal and physical risk in protests to draw attention to the damage we continue to do to our environment. Her actions are extreme, which matches the climate risk that she sees.

Her actions are unlikely, of themselves, to bring the communal uprising she craves as the only way to protect both our planet’s ecosystem and humanity’s existence. But her demonstrated passion, and deep commitment to her cause, may inspire others for whom the community will rise. We can only hope.

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