We should all support an Earth Systems Treaty

Barbara Fraser, Burwood, Vic, May 17, 2024

I first read about Julian Cribb’s climate book How to Fix a Broken Planet- Advice for Surviving the 21st Century (2023) last year in P&I (July 22/2023). I was most impressed by how comprehensive it is. To solve the main threats to our world, it proposes ten globally agreed and legal solutions, the Earth System Treaty (EST), on which all UN countries should take action. The first action is to ban nuclear weapons. Cribb seemed ecstatic as he wished it well, “It is a milestone to our becoming one people on one planet”.

So it is disappointing to read in Bob Douglas’ article that, to date, not one government has acted on any of the EST points (“To avoid human population collapse, We must Transform Society”, 11/ 5). He recommends three recent climate books with Cribb’s first on his list. But the book is not in my library and one has to wait 3-4 weeks to buy a copy.

So maybe this book needs more publicity and readers especially our MPs. It is great that Douglas concludes optimistically, “The Australian government should place an Earth System Treaty on the UN agenda.”

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