Wen Wei Po NOT an anti Beijing newspaper

Jonathan Leung, Hong Kong, Jun 19, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gregory Clark’s article and would like to circulate it to my friends. Unfortunately, his assertion that “Wen Wei Po was a weak Hong Kong newspaper known at the time for extreme anti-Beijing positions”. Everyone in Hong Kong knows that, while it is not exactly a top selling daily, it’s always been a diehard pro-Beijing paper.

Like all newspapers at the time, without independent verification of the various stories bandied around, the Wen Wei Po just parroted the Tiananmen Massare stories. After all, there were a few fake eyewitness accounts doing the rounds at the time. The chief editor of the Wen Wei Po definitely believed in the fake stories at the time and he simply put a four-word Chinese proverb as its editorial which says: “Deplore greatly with a broken heart!”.

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