Why does my tax fund discrimination?

Peter Sainsbury, Darling Point, Sydney, Mar 26, 2024

The always worth reading Jack Waterford says: ‘In the modern era, schools and other church social services are heavily funded by the state. […] But when … they take the government dollar (and could not continue without it) they have less right to complain if the state insists that they conform to the ordinary laws of the nation.’

It isn’t just the government’s dollar, it’s all taxpayers’ dollars, my dollar! I object enormously to the tax I pay funding discrimination based on some people’s ‘beliefs’ – well, based on anything but especially unsubstantiated ‘beliefs’. I believe in the tooth fairy and she told me that people who wear dentures are evil and I shouldn’t make them a birthday cake.

If schools want to discriminate purely on the basis of their religious beliefs, it’s not fine at all, but the least we can do is stop subsidising them with public money, with money I’ve contributed.

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