Why Labor is hiding the ONI climate report

Ian Bayly, Upwey, Vic., Sep 15, 2023

The Albanese government is hiding the report by the Office of National Intelligence on the security threat posed by global heating. This report will say that by 2050 billions of people worldwide will suffer food insecurity and be on the move. It will advocate multi-billion dollar expenditure on climate mitigation, adaptation and measures to deal with hordes of climate refugees and domestic unrest. But largely as a result of toxic wedge politics such large expenditure presents Labor with a huge problem.
Within 24 hours of Morrison announcing his ill-conceived and enormously expensive AUKUS submarine deal it was embraced unqualified by Albanese and his inner sanctum: Labor gave an enormously complex project little or no thought. Australia is unlikely to be able to afford both the measures called for by the ONI report and the AUKUS deal. Additionally the ONI report will probably indicated that the threat posed to Australia by global heating is as great or greater than a war with China (think submarines). This is why the Albanese government will fight to keep the ONI report under wraps conveniently citing security rather than financial concerns as the reason.

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