Why we need an Earth System Treaty

Robyn Alders, Fullerton, Sep 2, 2023

In the midst of high inflation, growing homelessness and worsening food insecurity, it’s difficult to find the time and the mental space to think about the mega threats addressed by the Earth System Treaty.

However, the mega threats have grown out of the same inefficient, inequitable economic and political systems that are causing high inflation and a wide range of other security issues (e.g. insecurity relating to food, water, finances and nation states to name a few).

Could Pearls and Irritations commission a Q&A, or something similar, on why we need an Earth System Treaty and how the change in thinking it requires will also contribute to easing our current woes?

Change will not happen overnight, but, if we don’t start to implement solutions soon, the consequences will irreparably impact all life on Earth.

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