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John Menadue. Capitalism and the fall of communism

In this blog on 5 November I drew attention to an article by the Economics Editor of the Guardian Larry Elliott. In that article Elliott said “As the Berlin Wall fell, checks on capitalism crumbled.”  The principal thesis of that … Continue reading

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Today’s World – Democracy, capitalism and Islam.

Mauricio García Villegas, El Espectador, Colombia, http://www.elespectador.com/opinion/elmundo-actual-columna-526496 The anniversary of two events that have marked out the course of our world has just been commemorated. The first is the taking of the United States embassy in Teheran on 4 November … Continue reading

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Richard Butler. Ukraine, not Sarajevo

In recent months, there’s been no shortage of suggestions, indeed warnings, that Russia’s absorption of Crimea and now it’s pressure on eastern Ukraine, is the equivalent of the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, in Sarajevo almost exactly 100 years … Continue reading

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