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BRIAN TOOHEY. How to repair neo-liberalism

The policy debate needs fresh ideas to fill the gap left by the lack of popular and political support for the neo-liberal economic agenda. Paul Keating, who championed that agenda, recently said neo-liberal economics “has run into a dead end … Continue reading

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BRIAN TOOHEY. New Series. We can say ‘no’ to the Americans.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing Australia’s commercial interests and avoiding pointless military gestures demanded by the US. 

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BRIAN TOOHEY. The quality of intelligence advice.

  A  former top US intelligence official David  Gompert has issued a sober warning to those who  want to lock Australia into any future war with China. Speaking  on Monday, Gompert  said a war between the US and China could … Continue reading

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GREG WOOD. “Only a fool…” Australia, Iraq, and other such wars.

  The Chilcot report in the UK has renewed calls for an examination of Australia’s intelligence system in the lead up to the Iraq war. Far less subject to scrutiny, but arguably more important still than the accuracy of the … Continue reading

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Brian Toohey. The $50 b. submarine purchase.

Jon Stanford’s three-part series on the Turnbull government’s determination to spend $50 billion on big new submarines is a welcome contribution to understanding what’s at stake at a time of cuts elsewhere. The decision risks repeating the Hawke government’s disastrous … Continue reading

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