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John Menadue. Parliamentary reform and the new Speaker.

In my post of 12 May this year ‘Democratic renewal and our loss of trust in institutions’, I wrote about our loss of trust in so many institutions including our parliament and political parties. If Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten … Continue reading

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Warwick Elsche. Bronwyn, the captain’s pick.

The loss of Bronwyn Bishop from the role of Speaker in the Federal Parliament is a blow to the Abbott Government. Bishop was not the least talented in a Government which – despite the supposed neutrality of the office – … Continue reading

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John Menadue. The real problem is partisanship, not expenses.

I have yet to hear anyone who supports the spending by Bronwyn Bishop of $5,000 in taxpayers’ money for a helicopter ride from Melbourne to Geelong for a Liberal Party fundraiser. It is surprising however that, as a member of … Continue reading

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