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HAROLD LEVIEN. Solving our Housing Problem.

Housing investors have largely crowded out first-home-buyers from the Sydney and Melbourne housing markets. The Coalition Government has not simply failed to address this problem; its policies have been the principal cause.  

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Harold Levien. Solving our Housing Problem.

The new Turnbull Coalition has the opportunity to rewrite the economic policy, or lack of it, of the previous Abbott-Hockey Government. This greatly exacerbated Australia’s housing problem and was pushing Australia into recession. The Reserve Bank’s Governor Stevens recently explained … Continue reading

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Harold Levien. The Coalition Government’s Bankrupt Economic Policies: 

The Coalition Government seems to have been fighting the next elections since the day it won Office and using the same misleading tactics.  Throughout the last election campaign, and for months before, the Coalition bitterly attacked both Labor’s budget deficit … Continue reading

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