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IAN McAULEY. Reclaiming the ideas of economics: Jobs and Growth

Not all growth improves our wellbeing; not every job is a useful job. We should not confuse economic indicators, encapsulated in slogans, with meaningful economic outcomes.

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Mungo MacCallum. Turnbull/Morrison mantra: jobs and growth.

  Our economic plan for jobs and growth … jobs and growth…jobs and growth… jobs and growth … sobs of mirth … Hobson’s Choice … blobs and froth .. … The trouble with endlessly repeating slogans is that they become … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Are conservatives better economic managers?

Are conservatives better economic managers? Part 1 In my blog of 3 May 2016, I queried the claim by Malcolm Turnbull and apparently supported by many media commentators and also by the public, that conservatives are better economic managers. The … Continue reading

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