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KAITLIN WALSH. Come on down Malcolm! Because YOU are The Biggest Loser

  If revenge is a dish best served cold then surely schadenfreude is best when tasted hot and fresh. As when viewing the tattered remnants of the Turnbull camp following Saturday’s election.

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KAITLIN WALSH. Don’t trust anyone over 30. The division that transcends race, gender and religion – and why a #SSM plebiscite could become our #Brexit

  The increasing vitriol between the Boomers and (mostly) Gen Y has singed more than a few nose hairs in recent years. You’d be well advised to approach any discussion between active combatants with full hazmat gear. And now the … Continue reading

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KAITLIN WALSH. Nick Xenophon are your ears burning? Maybe they should take a leaf from your book (not put a target on your back)

  If once upon a time my enemy’s enemy was my friend, then bizarrely enough it now seems that my friend’s enemy is my friend. Confused? Me too. I think I liked it better the way it was before. Over … Continue reading

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KAITLIN WALSH. The conundrum of engagement and ending the blame game. Any takers?

  Political “outsider” Kaitlin Walsh, self-proclaimed “ordinary person”, rakes over the pallid entrails of our body politic. And considers what might shut Mathias Cormann up.

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