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Walter Hamilton. Why I am an Australian citizen

Current Affairs. Amid all the howling about terror, treason and the ABC, Australians seemingly have lost the ability to stop, listen and think. Everyone is in such a hurry to outdo the next person in vilifying and repudiating the ‘other’, … Continue reading

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Mark Scott. The ABC belongs to all of us.

Current Affairs.  Address by Mark Scott Centre for Corporate Public Affairs’ Annual Corporate Public Affairs Oration Thursday 25 June 2015 From time to time, I’m asked to speak to journalism students about what it’s like working in a news room. I … Continue reading

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Paul Collins. A wake for ABC Religion.

Last week I attended the funeral of long time religious broadcaster and colleague, Ronald Nichols at Sydney’s Christ Church Saint Laurence. It was the day after a broad cross-section of religious leaders had written to the ABC Board and managing … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Outsourcing and redundancy at the ABC.

Mark Scott has expressed concern at the pain being felt by staff losing their jobs and careers. He announced that he and his senior team would take a pay freeze for a year. When it was pointed out that there … Continue reading

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Walter Hamilton. The ABC and its Japanese Cousin.

If the board and management of the ABC need to firm up their ideas about the proper relationship between a public broadcaster and the government of the day they might consider what is happening in Japan. NHK, that nation’s public … Continue reading

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