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Reasons to be happy despite the media.

Journalists write about disasters because they sell more copy. A recent book tells us to look on the bright side.

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Tamed estate: War crimes and China tweets

The biggest story in town? That all depends – it might be the Brereton Report on the killing of Afghan children by Australian soldiers. Then again, it might be a China tweet.

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Corporate power in Australia

Companies can secure so much economic power they can translate it into the political power, which they use to get laws that further advance their economic power.

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From here on our recovery will need more than fiscal policy, it’ll need redistribution

From the 1980s right through to the global financial crisis, the standard response in Australia and elsewhere to too weak or too strong an economy has been monetary policy — the manipulation of interest rates by a central bank, in our case … Continue reading

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Not only governments exert foreign influence. What about Rupert Murdoch?

A Royal Commission under the best leadership could shine an enormously powerful spotlight on the fact that NewsCorp grossly breaches our foreign interference laws on a daily basis.

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Can macroeconomic policy ensure the inflation target?

If Australian wages do not increase sufficiently in line with economic capacity, it risks a shortfall in aggregate demand that will make the achievement of an inflation target very difficult, or even impossible.

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Reflections on the economic record of the Trump Administration

It no doubt came as a shock to many (non-American) observers of the recent US election that almost 74 million Americans (more than 47% of those who voted) would have preferred Donald Trump to remain in the White House for … Continue reading

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Why the Biden victory is not the answer to our prayers

Much of America is breathing a sigh of relief that, gracefully or otherwise, Trump will soon vacate the White House. Allies of the United States – not just governments but much of the commentariat – are expecting a less turbulent … Continue reading

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How can we best ensure that retirement incomes are adequate?

The present superannuation contribution (SG) rate of 9.5 percent can finance an adequate retirement income for most middle-income people, provided they fully draw down their savings. Logically, therefore, any action to stop further increases in the SG rate should be … Continue reading

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Lieutenant-General Burr, can you stand up. We can’t see you!

In Burr’s regiment were many of Justice Brereton’s bad boys. That so many of them were able to mask their incubating psychopathology reflects badly on the psychological assessment tools Burr’s people were administering.

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Don’t tar all our soldiers with the same brush

War in all its forms is awful, so let’s support those who conduct it on our behalf and, when they come back, go easy on them. They were only doing our bidding.

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‘Power and pain’: an Australian citizens’ encounter with the SAS

Outside of Defence circles not many Australians would have had a close physical confrontation with members of the SAS. Four peace activists did in 2014 when their trespass on the Swan Island military base was dealt with by two enraged … Continue reading

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It’s a man’s world: we need to call out News Corp’s hostility to women leaders (The Conversation, 18.11.2020)

Julia Gillard did not simply threaten the political status quo as Australia’s first woman prime minister. As an unmarried, child-free, atheist woman from the left of the ALP, she also threatened Murdoch’s conservative ideology.

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Ministerial war crimes

Those who will not be put on trial as a result of investigations into Australian operations in Afghanistan will be those most responsible – the ministers who committed Australian troops to a protracted war where our forces could not readily … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: stop the presses; the Prime Minister took a barre class!

No holds barred? Kid-glove treatment for the Prime Minister, climate change denial, Murdoch media appears desperate and breaches of hotel quarantine.

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Brace for impact: Back to wearing seat belts in relationship with China

China continues to bamboozle us every step of the way. But how we respond to the latest escalation is important. We must remember that our bipartisan position on China has served Australia well and that a political split is exactly what … Continue reading

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Sermons beginning again in Melbourne

It’s easy and cheap to insult sermons and sermon-givers, which of course makes it utterly irresistible to me.

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George Orwell, are you listening? Truth warping about Afghanistan war crimes

We are being asked to believe that a cosy coterie of retired public servants and academics are going to drive Army change and make things all wonderfully transparent for us. What rubbish. Where do I get my tickets for that … Continue reading

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Can it get worse after Trump?

When Joe Biden is in the White House and Donald Trump is back in his tower or at his resort, some things about the Trump years will be missed.

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Joel Fitzgibbon and Labor’s environment policy

Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from the front bench does not change the policy of the Labor Party. nor its leadership. But it does change the mechanics.

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Let’s face it, Australia goes to war far too easily (Canberra Times Nov 15, 2020)

The soon-to-be-released Brereton Report will shine a light on alleged war crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan. It is expected that a culture of impunity within the special forces will be highlighted as a significant factor in perpetuating crimes … Continue reading

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Tamed estate: “And on the second day, he said: ‘Let it be forgotten,’ and it was.”

The federal Coalition’s PR team clearly forgot the Streisand effect: the phenomenon whereby attempts to suppress information lead to far greater exposure than the information would have generated intrinsically.

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Uneasy lies the head: Crown casinos is falling

 Shakespeare recognised centuries ago that ‘uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’. Certainly, the individual and collective heads of the members of the board of Crown Resorts Ltd should be very very uneasy. Their Crown is falling, almost fallen.

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Media moguls versus elites

Members of the Murdoch media have once again used the US election as an opportunity to pursue elites. Chris Kenny suggested in The Australian (5 November) that the election had been a win for the mainstream, against elites who treated … Continue reading

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ASPI’s guide to submarines leaves the biggest strategic questions unanswered

The interested reader would see much of this report as a public relations exercise, talking down to the public, and attempting to divert questions away from the burning one. Is this submarine intended primarily as a contribution by Australia to … Continue reading

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Porter’s integrity commission is designed to trick the public into thinking the Coalition is serious about tackling corruption

Mr Porter’s proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission, in the public sector division, will not be able to investigate supposed corruption, won’t discover any corruption, and will certainly not expose any.

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Tamed estate: Australian media conservatives applaud Trump’s ‘victory’

Two former Australian prime ministers have joined forces to speak out against the power of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, calling for a royal commission. But why do they have so much power anyway, when they get it so spectacularly wrong, … Continue reading

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The US under Biden will be an awkward ally for Morrison on climate warming

Even if Joe Biden becomes President, which seems increasingly likely, this does not mean a return to the world we knew before Trump.

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Abetz committee shuts down critics

A top Chinese community leader Dr Tony Pun, who was highly critical of Eric Abetz was silenced by the Senate committee looking into diaspora communities, while a pro-Trump Chinese media outlet was welcomed to make public comment. Editor’s note: After … Continue reading

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Dissident Liberal senators poised to allow Whitlam’s budget to pass when Sir John Kerr struck

In this extract from her new book, The Palace Letters, Professor Jenny Hocking reveals key entries from dissident Liberal Senator Alan Missen’s ‘highly confidential diary on the 1975 constitutional crisis’. Five Liberal senators had resolved to abstain from a direct … Continue reading

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