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ROSS GITTINS. How we can do better on education. (Jean Blackburn Oration)

When you do so little to require the winners from economic change to compensate the losers, and then, whether by accident or design, you have an influx of immigrants, you end up with Trump, Brexit and the resurrection of One … Continue reading

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Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd (researchers). School Myths Busted.

What My School really says about our schools. (Text of press release of 28 March 2016) In the wake of the latest version of My School two researchers have published a startling account of what the numbers behind the website actually … Continue reading

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Chris Bonnor. Eroding human capital in our schools

Policy Series   There are a number of givens about schools and their students. Both are critical to economy and society. The level of collective student achievement can create future dividends – or deficits. The quality of school education not only … Continue reading

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