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IAN McAULEY. The Mounting Case For A Royal Commission Into Banks And Insurance Companies

An overwhelming majority of Australians support a Royal Commission into the finance sector. Ian McAuley explains why. We’re paying too much for a bloated financial service sector.A prominent example is Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank Private, which in the last … Continue reading

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IAN McAULEY. Bill Shorten Is Right: Malcolm Turnbull Is A Major Threat To Medicare

Labor appears to have rediscovered old values, while the Liberals don’t appear changed one bit. Ian McAuley explains the mire that is the fresh debate on the future of Medicare. “Medicare is the community standard, it’s the gold standard, it … Continue reading

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Ian McAuley. The government says that tax cuts are good for workers!

Arthur Sinodinos’ suggestion of a cut to the corporate tax rate doesn’t seem to be the smartest way to start an election campaign. For a start, it’s not clear how such generosity would be funded. Earlier this month there was … Continue reading

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