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TONY SMITH. Company tax cuts by any other name

The federal government might have called its company tax cuts bill by another almost Orwellian name, but semantic disguises should not fool anyone. Tax cuts are being delivered to Australian business.  

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MUNGO MacCALLUM. Even in Malcolm Turnbull’s own terms, it is a fizzer.

Well it wasn’t what was hoped for, and certainly not what was required; but it was better than nothing.  

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DAVID PEETZ. An industrial relations furphy.

The media excitement surrounding the theatrics of former Senator Bob Day and current Senator Rod Culleton seemed to obscure the real issues facing the federal government’s industrial relations legislation. The government failed to put bills re-establishing the Australian Building and … Continue reading

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Bullying and bugging in East Timor.

The bugging by Australian Security Intelligence Service (ASIS) of an East Timorese cabinet meeting in 2004 will not go away. The event was so outrageous it is not surprising that it continues to resurface. Only a Royal Commission or a … Continue reading

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Walter Hamilton. Ships and Boats and Please Explains

If the main aim of building ships in Australia for the Royal Australian Navy were to keep locals in work, then the South Australian-based Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) would be a pretty good model. It spent around $400 million on … Continue reading

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