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Rod Tiffen. Murdoch blames Credlin

Does ‘Red Rupe” have any remaining ‘red’ beliefs? Murdoch was called ‘Red Rupe’ by his fellow Oxford students in the early 1950s.  He had a bust of Lenin on his mantle, was a member of the Labour Club and generally … Continue reading

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John Menadue.  Tony Abbott and the G20

In the media in the last few days we have been overwhelmed by stories and photo opportunities from the G20 in Brisbane. It will take some time to sort out fact from spin. I have set out below some comments … Continue reading

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The disastrous outcome on climate change and the Greens’ culpability

As a result of the Clive Palmer intervention, we are now unlikely to have any carbon reduction policy in place. In a few weeks’ time it is likely the Senate will vote down the Carbon Tax, its successor an Emissions … Continue reading

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