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Ross Gittins. Launch of book by Menadue and Keating.

Sydney, Thursday, November 5, 2015   Paul Samuelson, the famous American economist, is said to have remarked that the stockmarket has predicted nine of the past five recessions. I thought of that this week and decided the Canberra press gallery … Continue reading

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Eric Walsh.  A ‘ragged’ year not a ‘ragged’ week.

Nobody laughed – things must be different in the press gallery these days. Prime Minister Tony Abbott in one of his longest press conferences was trying desperately to erase the hangover from the setbacks which have dogged him and his … Continue reading

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Can the media spell ‘policy’?

A friend of mine, Ian McAuley, has drawn attention to an election study by the ANU’s Institute for Public Policy Trends. It covers elections 1987-2010. The study shows conclusively that our media is badly out of touch with what the … Continue reading

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