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JAMES O’NEILL. The London Attack: What We Fail to Acknowledge

“The idea”, …  “that you can set fire to countries in the Middle East, collapse their societies, and traumatize entire populations sowing carnage on a biblical scale, and not expect any reaction in the form of blowback is utterly insane.”  

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RICHARD BUTLER. Our white man’s media.

In this blog, I will be posting occasional pieces under the title ‘our white man’s media’ about the inadequate coverage of important issues in world affairs and in particular, in our region. So much of our media coverage reflects the … Continue reading

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Eric Hodgens. Christmas Peace – A Paradox

Christmas is a Christian afterthought. The earliest Christian writings (Paul’s epistles and Mark’s Gospel) don’t mention Jesus’ birth. The first to do so is Matthew’s gospel where the author posits the birth simply as another event in the fuller story … Continue reading

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