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JAMES O’NEILL. American missile strikes in Syria raise fresh questions.

Not for the first time, unilateral and illegal actions by the Americans pose a grave threat to the safety of the planet and its inhabitants. 

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RICHARD BUTLER. The many risks we run – United Nations (Part 1 of 2)

The United Nations continues to be vital in the humanitarian field, but is failing in its role of maintaining international peace and security. The continuing abuse of their veto power, by the permanent five members of the Security Council, is … Continue reading

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RICHARD WOOLCOTT. Australia’s Shambolic Policy on Syria – Up Shi’ite Creek Without a Paddle.

  We must get out of Syria. The war in Syria is extraordinarily complex. It really began in 2011 with the failures of the so-called Arab Spring. Now the core conflict is between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the … Continue reading

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ROSS BURNS. Looking for an end-game in Syria.

  Newspaper commentary on the Syria conflict has long struggled to provide new insights into the conflict. However, in an analysis published over the weekend in the New York Times, Max Fisher, adopted the novel approach of asking academic experts … Continue reading

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