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TREVOR COBBOLD. Labor Again Exposed as Morally Bankrupt on Private School Overfunding

An unholy alliance between Tanya Plibersek and Tony Abbott on overfunding of private schools was again revealed this week. Labor’s position on overfunding was exposed as morally bankrupt, cynical and at complete odds with its supposed support for the principle … Continue reading

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ALISON BROINOWSKI. Process or Policy

  Three governments are currently consulting their constituents. Two are offering them a significant choice about future foreign policy: one is not. The US asks delegates to decide between a President Donald Trump who would expel Hispanics, bar entry to … Continue reading

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RICHARD WOOLCOTT. Foreign policy issues during and after the July 2 Election

  The Turnbull Government and the Shorten Opposition have focussed on domestic issues in the election campaign.  This is understandable but in the longer term the Government elected on the 2nd of July will need to address the greatly changed world … Continue reading

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Alison Broinowski. . Borderless war

(or – when you get in a hole, stop digging) To the sound of approaching drumbeats, first the ever-reliable Jim Molan, then Peter Jennings, and after them Liberal MP Dan Tehan have been wheeled out to tell us in recent … Continue reading

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Mercy, judgement, confession and reconciliation.

In the Australian Parliament debate concerning possible executions in Bali, Shadow Foreign Minister, Tanya Plibersek, spoke about the second chance that her husband had received. Her husband, Michael Coutts-Trotter, is now a senior NSW public servant. He had been a … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Move over Joe Hockey

The Julie Bishop media blitz continues. But will it flame out like the media blitz of her namesake, Bronwyn Bishop who was also touted by the media as a possible Liberal leader over a decade ago. Like Julie Bishop now … Continue reading

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