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QUENTIN DEMPSTER. With talk of war, what should Australia do?

As the United States Trump administration now confronts North Korea, there is talk of war. Also confronted, but more indirectly, is China itself with President Donald Trump’s declaration that the US would go it alone to disarm North Korea if China … Continue reading

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QUENTIN DEMPSTER. NBN – Are you one of the lucky ones in Turnbull’s two-speed society?

If Australia was a corporation, we, its shareholders, would be justified in terminating CEO Malcolm Turnbull’s employment contract forthwith. 

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John Menadue. If I were a Muslim…

The brutality and assasination of the editors and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo must be condemned. Those responsible must face and perhaps have faced the full consequences. But if I were a Muslim, I would have been offended by the Charlie … Continue reading

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Why Rupert Murdoch is forever in Twitter trouble.

In the ‘New Daily’ of December 17, 2014, Bruce Guthrie, a former editor-in-chief of  ‘The Age’ and Murdoch’s ‘Herald Sun’ tells us what he thinks about Murdoch’s twittering ‘But here he was seemingly gloating over the outcome of the appalling … Continue reading

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Medibank Private and members’ equity.

In the New Daily on 6 October, George Lekakis drew attention to a letter sent to a policy-holder in 1994 by Mary-Jo Henrisson, a customer services manager in Medibank’s NSW head office. Mary-Jo Henrisson said “We would be sorry to … Continue reading

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