The Dragon has been awakened!

Aug 13, 2021

There is a common denominator in the demonisation of China-news media.

Even though most of the stuff they use in their everyday life carried a “Made in China” product origin line in the package, many people around the world still think China is a poor Third World country. You ask an average Joe in Australia, chances are that he has not heard of BeiDou, neither does he know that China has landed a craft in Mars, or its space station is now orbiting the Earth. I am pretty sure that he also does not know his Wi-Fi router carries a Huawei logo. Before the current trade tension, roughly one-third of Australia’s exports went to China. Yet, this average Joe will tell you China is a big bad wolf. Has he visited China? No.

This is not peculiar to Australia; this ignorance is everywhere – right from the US heartland to Modi’s India.

In the Nancy-and-Ted’s (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Ted Cruz) world of America, the only China they know is their Chinatowns, the dragon dance, or the noisy tourists from China they see in downtown malls Many don’t even realise the gadgets they pick up from the local DIY outlets are from China, save that they appear to be very inexpensive compared to yesteryears’! Otherwise, China is the yellow peril that CNN and Fox News are constantly calling out: the genocides in Xinjiang (when perhaps three quarters of America do not know where on Earth it is), the suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, the risk posed by Huawei, and the theft of American knowledge by Chinese scholars and students in American universities, etc. Sooner or later, they will also add in Tibet and Macau in their “concern” list.

There is a common denominator in this demonization of China: their news media. I have already written much about its mercenariness, suffice to say that it is getting worse by the day and the paranoia has begun to cascade down to non-western reporters and journalists who have, advertently or inadvertently, become a tool of the politically and financially powerful anti-China forces in the US, Australia, and Europe. (Several who write for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN or host for Aljajeera, for example, are Chinese, ethnically! You can also discern subtle skepticism – borne out of political biases than objective reporting – from South China Morning Post, CNA and The Straits Times from time to time.)

This is an excerpt. To read the full article please see here.

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