ANDREW AILES. Father Christmas loves everyone

Dec 25, 2019

Father Christmas lives many lives, Because he’s a master of disguise.

You may have met him on a train, Or seeking shelter from the rain.

He does his best to bring a smile,

To the face of every child.

But every year the job gets tougher,

And every year the children suffer.

Climate change preys on his mind,

He fears what will be left behind.

Will he see the last river flow?

Or will he watch the last seed grow?

Father Christmas takes the view,

That your religion is up to you.

The one thing that he finds tragic,

Is when you lose your faith in magic.

He likes celebrations of every kind,

Diwali or Eid, he doesn’t mind.

Whether you go to the church or the mosque,

Is fine by him. He cares not a toss.

He just wants one day of the year.

When everyone can raise a cheer.

With hatred and envy put aside,

For kindness and love on every side.

He wants to take the U.N. club,

To have a drink at his favourite pub,

At lunchtime on a summer’s day,

When all the world is out to play.

They will see dogs: a hundred breeds,

Lying on the floor relaxed, at ease.

They do not fight or seek more space,

They are happy with their place.

Dogs do not envy each other’s leads,

They respect each other’s needs.

So why, Father Christmas, thought,

Should the UN be so fraught?

The ends do not justify the means,

Of death, destruction, and children’s screams.

While every day the temperatures rise,

How much longer can we survive?

Climate change threatens all mankind.

One day of joy is not hard to find.

If an old tree can deal with pollution,

Why can’t the world find a solution?

Father Christmas remains optimistic,

The end of humanity is not a statistic.

He’ll continue to fight with all his worth,

For love and kindness and peace on earth.

Happy Christmas 2019

Andrew Ailes is a London-based international television journalist who pioneered the use of satellites for news gathering.


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