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Alex Mitchell is a former Sydney Sun-Herald State Political Editor whose commentary appears every Friday. His latest book is Murder in Melbourne – The Untold Story of Palestinian exchange student Aiia Maasarwe.

ALEX MITCHELL. Unrepresentative Tory swill choosing the next British Prime Minister

All registered members of the British Conservative Party are currently voting to elect a new leader to replace Prime Minister Theresa May. Hailed as an exercise in party democracy, it’s more like a chook raffle.

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ALEX MITCHELL. Does this ring a Bell? (Justinian 21 March 2019)

The backstory of Justice Andrew (Taco) Bell’s role in helping Schmo Morrison grab the seat of Cook … Wheels within wheels … Memories of the Cook preselection rort … The PM’s Muslim baiting goes back to the beginnings of time … Continue reading

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ALEX MITCHELL. Gladys clings on in NSW

Liberals and Nationals will vote in all kinds of weather and in all circumstances. They will show up in coaches, hire cars and even wheelchairs. Some dress up in their Sunday best as if they are going to the races.

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ALEX MITCHELL. A deeply divided NSW is heading for a deadlocked State Election

With NSW voters facing a State Election on Saturday, March 23, politicians are nervously asking each other, “How are we going?” Meanwhile, journalists on the campaign trail are equally nervous, asking colleagues: “Who do you think will win?”

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ALEX MITCHELL. Before “ScoMo”, Scott Morrison was our No 1 pin-up bogeyman

In 2014 I was asked to write a profile of “the Left’s pin-up boy” and its “chief bogeyman”.

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ALEX MITCHELL. The Great Drought: Panic or Policy?

Desperate farmers in rural communities across Australia are being led into a cruel dystopia where reality is being smothered by false hopes.

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Alex Mitchell, reporting from Hobart. The Tasmanian Chainsaw Massacre.

On the eve of any election it is the practice of tabloid editors to reach into battered folders containing tried and trusted headlines capable of exciting readers on polling day – PHOTO FINISH or TOO CLOSE TO CALL or sometimes … Continue reading

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