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FRANCIS SULLIVAN. It is not possible to divorce George Pell’s acquittal from the history of child abuse(The Guardian 9.4.2020)

The bishops should end their obsession with Pell and take up their moral responsibility to victims.

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MICHAEL KELLY. Coping with Isolation

The ‘command and control’ world of isolation we all find ourselves requires some new lessons in coping with isolation. Father Michael Kelly reflects on his experience of the strict world of the Jesuit Novitiate to guide him through his isolation.

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JASON YAT-SEN LI et al. An open letter from Chinese -Australians calling for national unity.

We are deeply concerned that the recent rise in anti-Chinese sentiment is driving a marked escalation in racial abuse towards Asian Australians. This poses a serious threat to our national unity.

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JOHN DWYER.Exploring COVID-19 controversies. Part Two.

How do we safely ease social distancing restrictions and reignite our economy?

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DAVID SOLOMON. Planning for a better future

Its time to think about – and plan for – what will be on the other side of this coronavirus bridge the Prime Minister keeps talking about. It may be 12, 18 or 24 months away, but the thinking and … Continue reading

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EVA COX. Treating people as customers rather than citizens.

Will the current expensive policy shifts rebuild voters’ trust of those they elect?

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NOEL TURNBULL. Australians aren’t like that are they?

As consumers fight over toilet rolls and marauding bus-loads of city dwellers pillage local country stores of products,  the PM says we will get through it all because we are Australians. This is probably a good time to ask the … Continue reading

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CHRIS GERAGHTY. The Pell Decision.

Finally the George Pell dilemma has been put to rest by the illustrious High Court of Australia. Or has it?

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BOB DEBUS. It’s no excuse to trash the planet.

As nearly everybody now understands, the changes that have occurred in public policy in the last few weeks are without precedent, at least since the Second World War. They tell us in the most straightforward possible way that only government … Continue reading

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MARK BUCKLEY. Meet John Roskam the real PM

I confess that I feel like a complete fool. I had heard bits and pieces about the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) for years, but I had always associated them with tired old culture warriors, like Gerard Henderson, maybe Bob … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. A virtual solution to 21st Century government

As most of us are holed-up in our homes working or studying online as a response to the Coronavirus a bunch of politicians are ignoring medical advice and gathering together in Canberra. Perhaps it’s time for a virtual parliament?

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TESS HOGUE. Covid 19- Give Hong Kong a pat on the back with gloved hands

The response of Hong Kong to Convid-19 is a prurient tale and its moral is that if the West learn from their story, then together future governments and citizens will be able to avert further national pandemic disasters.

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ALEX MITCHELL: The Ruby Princess scandal and Liberal Party links

The Ruby Princess scandal is not going away anytime soon. Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her key ministers may have perfectly plausible explanations for their role in the spread of the killer virus, COVID-19, from the luxury liner after it berthed … Continue reading

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PATRICK COCKBURN.- Trump’s Chernobyl Moment: the US May Lose Its Status as World Superpower and Not Recover( Counterpunch 31.3.2020)

The US may be reaching its “Chernobyl moment” as it fails to lead in combating the coronavirus epidemic.

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JOHN MENADUE.- Vale Bob Sorby

Bob Sorby died last week. In tribute I repost an article that Bob wrote for Pearls and Irritation on 7 November 2017 concerning Rex Connor’s  plans for Australia.

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. Australian Councils Need a Stimulus Too

Australian councils, as the front line in so many areas of public policy, need to be properly funded in order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MELISSA PARKE.- Criticism not same as racism (The Herald Sun 26.03.2020)

“Let’s reserve the term ‘anti-Semitic’ for those who truly deserve it”

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CAVAN HOGUE. What will a post-COVID-19 world mean for Australia?

There is much speculation about what the post-COVID-19 world will look like but we do not have answers and can only ask questions at this stage.

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TONY SMITH. Viral vulnerability is universal – the economic impact is not.

While I sit at home in splendid isolation contemplating viral vulnerability, I am alarmed by the way some members of the Australian community are being disadvantaged by government responses to the pandemic. I was ashamed to see the lines outside … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. An explanation and apology to some subscribers.

I’m writing to apologise for any inconvenience some subscribers  may have experienced in the transition from production being handled by myself to production being outsourced. Change often has some unintended consequences.

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JOHN TAN. Covid-19: Which news sources should you trust?

Crises bring out a natural hunger for good information. How does one choose news sources?

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EVAN JONES. The state and the economy

Right-wing governments are splashing the cash  – what gives? Neoliberalism is temporarily being abandoned, but will it continue after this crisis is over?

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DUNCAN GRAHAM.- Not a model land

Curious about life as a sheep? Visit Incredible Indonesia, as the tourist promos once hollered.

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GRAEME HOUGHTON. Role of the private hospital sector in the Covid-19 pandemic

The Commonwealth has announced that it is partnering with the private hospital sector to provide additional resources for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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MUNGO MACCALLUM. JobKeeper, perhaps not too little and not too late

Two hearty cheers for ScoMo and his $130 billion JobKeeper package.

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ANDREW PODGER. COVID-19 crisis shows a strong public service is vital

The convid-19 epidemic has shown how much Australia relies on an effective public service, free from politics. This, however, is in spite of the over-politicisation and under-resourcing of the service over recent years.

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MARIANA MAZZUCATO.- Capitalism’s Triple Crisis (Project Syndicate 30.3.2020)

This time, rescue measures absolutely must come with conditions attached. Now that the state is back to playing a leading role, it must be cast as the hero rather than as a naive patsy. That means delivering immediate solutions, but … Continue reading

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JACK WATERFORD. The young not the old are the key to beating COVID-19

Coronavirus not only effects the elderly and cooperation on the part of the young is the key to beating COVID-19. Perhaps we need Grim Reaper ads to highlight the risk to their own.

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ERIC HODGENS. Easter in a Time of Virus.

Easter is one of the biggest holidays of the year throughout much of the world. It was originally a Holy Day. But its significance is changing – accelerated by COVID-19.

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ALISON BROINOWSKI. The crisis is political too.

In his almost daily televised updates, Scott Morrison’s successive rescue packages turn conservative orthodoxy on its head, and without resorting to Trumpian monologues. Yet his response to the international questions shows no new thinking.

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