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What people in other forums are saying about public policy

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CHRIS DENNIS. A burning country.

Our country hangs its head in shame.

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DAVID SOLOMON.- Morrison’s scary words on deployment of troops..

Although you can no longer believe everything Scott Morrison says, its necessary to take everything he says seriously and examine his utterances carefully – just in case in a particular instance he will follow through on what he has said.

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JOHN TAN. Zuckerberg is right, isn’t he?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly under intense pressure in the US to curb political advertisements on its pages. Who might be running such a campaign and for what reasons? Perhaps the answer lies in the gap between rhetoric and reality.

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KEVIN TOLHURST.- We have already had countless bushfire inquiries (The Conversation 16.1.2020)

As our country battles the most extensive fires of our lifetime, there are increasing calls for a royal commission into the states and territories’ preparedness and the federal government’s response to the disaster.

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NOEL TURNBULL. – This is how you do it to appear genuine.

While Scott Morrison was saying it was fortunate no-one had died on Kangaroo Island and forcing people to shake his hand another PM quietly, and without seeking publicity, showed him how he should be behaving.

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JON STANFORD: Second rate leadership Part 2 of 3: Defence  

“Australia is now a confident, wealthy nation that has the right to expect its leaders to rise above the second rate.”

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ANDREW FARRAN. Iran: The military track Military from Hybrid war to Denouement

What we are likely to witness, this year or later, is the 4th Iraq War – a process of reorienting the Levant around ideologically and sectarian driven forces and the undoing of the British-French (Sykes-Picot) colonial compact of 1916 (already … Continue reading

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TERRY LAIDLER. Stop the Fires

The old paradigm we used for “fighting” fires has failed. The new paradigm has to be that we decide to “Stop the Fires” and the new question is not how do we contain or manage them or wait them out. … Continue reading

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MIKE SCRAFTON. How good are Royal Commissions?

Morrison’s call for a Royal Commission on matters related to the bushfires is puzzling. It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that it was a thought bubble exuding from the advisors of a Prime Minster under great pressure. For the … Continue reading

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RODNEY TIFFEN. The Murdoch Press and the Bushfires

The disastrous summer of bushfires has not been easy for Scott Morrison, but the News Corp newspapers have also had trouble rising to the challenge.

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JOHN KERIN: Reform and the ALP

Australia’s oldest political Party, the ALP, is becoming ossified in its structure and totally resistant to reform. It also has many other challenges in representing today’s Australia as a progressive party.

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CAVAN HOGUE. More blessed to give than to receive? Repost from 18.12 2017

Provoking China to score cheap political points domestically does not advance Australian interests. While most Australians would prefer the US domestic political model to the Chinese, we are not going to change the Chinese system and so must learn to … Continue reading

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NOEL TURNBULL. The Morrison Government tries to get empathetic

The Morrison Government’s is trying a new ploy – one which is beyond even the wildest satirical imagination. It has hired an empathy consultant.

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JAMES LAURENCESON.- China Trade Questions confound Australia’s Indo-Pacific shift.(EAF 5.1.2020)

The ‘Indo-Pacific’, stretching from the eastern Indian Ocean to the Pacific, is the Australian government’s framing of the international environment for its foreign policy.

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MINXIN PEI. Bush’s disastrous Iraq war paved the way for China’s rise. Is Trump about to make the same mistake?(SCMP and Project Syndicate 10.1.2020)

China joined the WTO and grew into an economic giant in the time the US was fixated on fighting al-Qaeda. It’s a lesson Trump appears not to have learned

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GREG LATEMORE. Morrison’s Leadership – Some inconvenient truths about authenticity.

Morrison’s Leadership – Inconvenient Truths Scott Morrison has recently confronted important truths about leadership – your credibility as a leader has to be earned and it is very easy to lose it. Just being confirmed in the position as a … Continue reading

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J.A. DICK. War wisdom

Is it just and moral to assassinate an Iranian General?

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ABUL RIZVI: Dutton and Pezzullo’s Asylum Seeker Bungle – November Update

David Crowe in the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Dutton’s Department received an average of 77 asylum applications per day in November 2019. That brings the total number of asylum applications in the last five and a half years to … Continue reading

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JACK WATERFORD.-Pot shots prove poor policy

Must we follow Trump down his Iranian rabbit burrow?

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MUNGO MACCALLUM.-The Veil of the Temple is Rent in Twain

If there is nothing you really believe in, consistency is an optional extra.

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DAILAN PUGH. The Demise of a Koala Population

Last year the North East Forest Alliance found an unusually dense Koala colony, part of a regionally significant population in a forest proposed for logging. As we geared up for a blockade, the Busbys Flat fire changed direction on the … Continue reading

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DUNCAN GRAHAM.-Indonesian Free Trade – not there yet                        

For much of 2019’s last quarter Australian rural journals and politicians were forecasting a bonanza.But some reality is overdue

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DANIELLE CELERMAJER.-Opinion Omnicide:Who is responsible for the gravest of all crimes?(ABC Religion and Ethics 7.1.2020)

As the full extent of the devastation of the Holocaust became apparent, a Polish Jew whose entire family had been killed, Raphael Lemkin, came to realise that there was no word for the distinctive crime that had been committed: the murder … Continue reading

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ABUL RIZVI.-Where have Dutton and Pezzullo been hiding?

 The culpability of Dutton and Pezzullo for the bushfire crisis.

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MELISSA PARKE.-“Support for Palestinian rights is not anti-Semitic” (The West Australian 8.1.2020)

I had but dipped my toes back into federal politics via a bid for Julie Bishop’s former seat of Curtin when the campaign was over.

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JOHN TAN. About Hegemony, Leadership ….. and Assange?

There has been one global hegemon since WWII, a commander with enough soft and hard power to make all the rules that matter, and to enforce them.

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MICHAEL KEANE A Digital Civilization: China Reimagined

In the Chinese political lexicon being civilized means ‘fitting in’ with the national plan, accepting the party-state’s directives and guidance, and obeying laws. This ‘harmonious society’ model, represents a collective response to uneven social development.

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PETER SAINSBURY. Sunday environmental round up, 12 January 2020

The dismal failure of the Madrid COP meeting in December starts the round up for 2020, and no one should be surprised by Australia’s disgraceful performance in Madrid when they see the government’s latest greenhouse gas emission projections to 2030. … Continue reading

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