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Fool’s paradise: ‘independent’ advisers promote lie that transport infrastructure can lead a Covid recovery

A recent report for Infrastructure Australia confirms what many suspect – some transport infrastructure projects should be shelved. Yet IA refuses to reassess any transport projects, including those it knows or should know are wrong.

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The escalating risk to Australia’s vehicle fleet. Australia applies the brakes again and again.

Gas-guzzlers in Europe are quickly becoming a thing of the past – so guess where they’re headed instead.

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NBN update. Let’s not compound a history of poor policymaking by people who claim to be good economic managers.

In years to come Malcolm Turnbull will be remembered as the communications minister who, under instruction from then prime minister Tony Abbott, ‘demolished’ Labor’s 21st Century National Broadband Network. But another prominent politician had earlier inflicted enduring damage to any … Continue reading

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A white flag moment on the NBN was inevitable.

This week’s capitulation – that’s what it is – by communications minister Paul Fletcher sets us on a course that hopefully will see Australia start moving in the right direction again as we head further into a digitally-enabled future. It’s … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Stimulus: there are smart projects out there, if we care to look

Infrastructure spending is touted as the path to economic recovery, but our leaders can no longer afford to throw billions at programs with little economic merit or policy logic.

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Transport infrastructure: our States biggest waste

The Reserve Bank governor recently asked States to support jobs – by spending $40 billion more on infrastructure. Please don’t – at least not on the usual transport projects!

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NBN Debacle. Wherefore art thou, minister?

What has been described as the country’s all-time biggest infrastructure debacle – the National Broadband Network – is a financial and technological mess.

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JOHN AUSTEN. High Speed Rail – shooting a corpse?

The Grattan Institute’s recent condemnation of high-speed rail is fair enough.  However, its further speculations on ‘renovating regional rail’ and urban commuting need questioning.

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JOHN AUSTEN. Transport infrastructure in a Covid world

Governments made dramatic responses to challenges posed by Covid-19. New ideas are being sought in many areas of public policy. However, transport infrastructure is a lamentable exception – instead of a reassessment of plans in light of the new realities, … Continue reading

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QUENTIN DEMPSTER. Let ‘er rip!: Snowy 2.0 project now an integrity test for Gladys Berejiklian

The New South Wales Berejiklian Government now faces an integrity test over the fast tracking of final approval for the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro electricity project in Kosciuszko National Park.

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MIKE SCRAFTON. Regulation, tariffs and reform of supply chains.

The political leaders that brought us global supply chains, hollowed out public services, and dwindling administrative capacity, are potentially about to find themselves in a series of contradictions.

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JOHN AUSTEN. Another year of record waste on roads

In the past few years Pearls etc carried posts on how road spending vastly exceeded road related revenue even though road use had not much increased – a perversion of public policy helping the infrastructure lobby at the expense of … Continue reading

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JOHN AUSTEN. Placating the Infrastructure Club

Infrastructure Australia’s 2020 priority list doesn’t recognise – let alone address fundamental problems.

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JOHN AUSTEN. Sydney Metro developments

Are recent developments with Sydney’s Metro railway straws in the wind or embers heralding an infrastructure inferno?

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LAURIE PATTON. My New Year’s wish – more collaborative technology policy development

A report released by communications minister Paul Fletcher has confirmed that so-called ‘Internet piracy’ declined dramatically following the arrival of Netflix and other online streaming services – debunking the need for ‘site-blocking’ laws controversially introduced following a well-funded lobbying effort … Continue reading

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JOHN AUSTEN. Electric Vehicle Charging

Recently the question of road charges for electric light vehicles – cars – hit the headlines. Opinions split into: those who want such charges to collect funds for road building; those opposed to such charges because they might slow the … Continue reading

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JOHN AUSTEN. Sydney and the mock Metro

The Sydney Metro saga continues, with renewed – and still unrealistic – promises of a $20bn west Metro giving travellers a 20-minute trip from Parramatta to the CBD. Talk of this, and progress with tunnelling under the CBD, must be … Continue reading

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JACK WATERFORD. Do harrowing inquiries deliver bang for the bucks?

The onion juice sometimes obscures the inconvenient, or unspeakable truths

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JOHN KERIN. Dairy markets and regulation?.

 The dairy industry has been subject to plenty of government enquiries and more are in train,but is anything going to come of them?

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TIM COSTELLO. Crown- a private company masquerading as a public one that is above the law?

The annual Crown Resorts AGM last week should have been a moment for admission to shareholders by the Board that they were in trouble and a moment to reassure investors that they had strategies to address a burning platform. Instead, they … Continue reading

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JACK WATERFORD. Soon we won’t recognise the face of Australia.

National government is becoming more authoritarian and much less accountable

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JACK WATERFORD. ACT closes the books on how cops and lawyers failed David Eastman, and us.

The courts, DPP and justice officials agree to deny FOI access to trial transcripts. Criticism of their roles can thus be called ill-informed.

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JOHN AUSTEN. Infrastructure Claims – Above the law?

Ongoing urging of infrastructure proposals for Commonwealth funding exacerbates already high moral hazard. Yet nothing is done to discourage the possibility of illegal behaviour costing Australia dearly.

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LUKE FRASER. A Repost: Congestion charging: – Stockholm, Melbourne and Turnbull’s legacy.

The Grattan Institute has just published a report on road congestion charging.  It argues that congestion charging is a better way to manage busy urban roads. It is right but Ministers  rejected the idea immediately. We waste far more money … Continue reading

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CHARLES LIVINGSTONE. Guns and money: How the pokies’ proponents channel the NRA image (Monash University 8-10-19)

Whenever Australians learn of a mass shooting in the US, we tend to feel relieved – and maybe a little smug – that our political leaders were sensible enough to restrict gun ownership after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

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LAURIE PATTON. How Malcolm Turnbull missed his chance to fix the NBN

Internet access is now the most complained about telco service in Australia according to the Telecommunications Ombudsman’s latest report. While complaints about mobile phones have been on the decline recently, the state of our trouble-plagued NBN continues to see consumers … Continue reading

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YVES TIBERGHIEN. Belt and Road Summit in Hong Kong: Toward a BRI 2.0? (Australian Outlook, 5 Sep 2019)

From 11 to 12 September 2019, the fourth Edition of the Hong Kong Belt and Road Summit is due to take place at the Wanchai Convention Center. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is now in its sixth year since … Continue reading

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BOB DEBUS. Must Prisoner Numbers Grow Forever? (an edited version of a lecture given to the Law Society of New South Wales, 22 August)

We can all accept imprisonment as the appropriate response for serious and violent crimes. Nevertheless there is a plethora of studies confirming the common sense conclusion that prison is damaging for individuals at a psychological level, especially in the absence … Continue reading

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JOHN AUSTEN. Infrastructure Australia’s ‘believe it or not’ audit

Last week saw media coverage of Infrastructure Australia’s 2019 infrastructure audit.  The hype was short lived.  The audit was another analytically deficient step towards a transport policy abyss into which the infrastructure club wants to throw vast amounts of your … Continue reading

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SARAH ANN WHEELER, EMMA CARMODY. Was the Government’s irrigation cash splash worth it? (The Advertiser)

One of us was born on a fifth-generation irrigated dairy farm in NSW; the other in a country town in the Murray-Darling Basin.

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