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Morrison’s media code could be catastrophic for climate and energy news

Morrison’s government could hardly have wished for a better outcome. The core of their supplicant media is to receive millions to continue their cheering from the sidelines, while independent voices such as RenewEconomy risk being squeezed by these secret deals. … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Facebook 1, Australian government 0 but no mainstream media mastheads ran that line

 And the miserly $3.57 a day rise in JobSeeker was ‘fair and affordable’, ‘pragmatic’, and ‘fiscally responsible’. The mainstream media tripped over themselves to support the government’s line in the face of widespread condemnation from eminent economists that the huge … Continue reading

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Media in the Asian Century: crises galore but screens are filled with Boris’ antics

Australia takes a safety-in-numbers approach to Myanmar, but shows no such restraint in dealings with China. And speaking of China, there was a meeting of minds in The Australian, both left and right. 

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Media bargaining code dire for public interest journalism if small outlets aren’t protected

In Spain in 2014, when Google shut Google News, small independent publishers were hit far harder than the big players. If Facebook plays a similar role in Australia, then the consequences of Facebook’s recent action will be dire for public interest … Continue reading

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Laughing Stock: Australia’s new media code rivals our climate policy for absurdity

Google good, Facebook bad. That sums up mainstream media coverage of the Coalition government’s bizarre new media code. That’s because Google paid up, Facebook decided it was extortion and called Josh Frydenberg’s bluff, banning Australian news. The mainstream media has … Continue reading

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Tamed estate: the PM has to ask his wife how to feel empathy yet Labor is on the hook?

Gladys’ cheerleader in chief at the Sydney Morning Herald finally comes out swinging – at the NSW Opposition Leader. And editorials from The Australian get oh-so-close to touching on the failures of the federal government in aged care and vaccine rollout.

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People in glass houses should be careful about throwing stones

A group of Australian journalists in their never-ending hostility to China keep throwing stones at China for human rights breaches in Xinjiang, but largely ignore Australian and other breaches. Their ignorance of China explains a lot.

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Australia’s flawed push to make Big Tech pay for news (Nikkei Asia 12.2.21)

The experience of online life is one of information overload — it is not always easy to separate the signal from the noise. This problem has been made worse as advertising dollars have flowed away from traditional media organizations toward … Continue reading

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Twelve points to help journalists and save democracy

Despite what the Government and some of the mainstream media will have us believe, the “News Media Bargaining Code” does nothing to protect or enhance quality journalism in Australia. There are better ways to achieve that.

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Tamed Estate: IR reforms ‘dangerous’, ‘extreme’ but let’s go with Christian Porter’s description – ‘modest’

When tabling the omnibus Industrial Relations bill in early December, Christian Porter described the changes as “modest”. The mainstream media duly followed suit and in no time at all had even dropped the quotation marks. 

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Tunnel vision: the media’s love affair with Craig Kelly and conflict

The media’s focus on divisive figures like Craig Kelly simply excuses the equally dangerous views of his less vocal, climate change denying colleagues. It is on these politicians that the media should focus.

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ABC Country Hour – mouthpiece of Liberal National Party and rural elites?

ABC Country Hour is marketed as the “voice of the bush”; but whose voice and whose bush? A recent investigation reveals how Country Hour does the bidding of the Liberal and National Parties and their powerful friends while glossing over … Continue reading

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Murdoch & Morrison v. The ABC – GetUp fails a commendable mission

GetUp has added public broadcasting to environmental justice, human rights and other worthy issues. Through the just-released video, Murdoch & Morrison v. The ABC, it’s trying to arouse anger against the impact of News Corp’s never-ending siege of the national … Continue reading

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Take on News Corp at your peril: how a rogue organisation operates (repost from 27 Oct, 2017)

The way News Corp operates must be traced to Murdoch himself for he has told us that ‘for better or worse (News Corp) is a reflection of my own thinking, my character and my values’.  

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Google leaving Australia serves nobody, but it is not an empty threat

Google is threatening to withdraw its search functions; Facebook is threatening to remove news posts. Not idle threats but with its flawed media legislation, the federal government is using the wrong solution for a problem that requires regulation.

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Media in the Asian Century: Digging in deeper in an already fraught relationship with China

China sanctions a sting in the tail for Trump officials; role of ASPI in provoking ire of China flies under the radar; and conservatives perform impressive backflips on Biden.  

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Tamed Estate: confected outrage all in a day’s work for News

A lesson in skewing the conversation; Morrison’s gloss wearing thin?; promoting US election conspiracy theories; and kid-glove treatment for Gladys.

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Fake news abounds in the misguided war on the digital media platforms

Opposition is growing both locally and globally to media laws introduced by the Coalition Government requiring tech giants Google and Facebook to pay for displaying original news content. Why should our domestic monopolists get preference?

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Tamed estate: hurrah for double standards in corporate world

Sycophancy from Joe Hockey; double standards in the corporate world; one-sided coverage of the plan to force Google and Facebook to pay for news content; quarantine confusion, again… Mainstream media serves up the usual.

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Murdoch son raps media for ‘toxic politics’ (Financial Times, Jan 18, 2020)

James Murdoch has castigated the US media for the ‘‘toxic politics’’ threatening American democracy, saying proprietors are as culpable as politicians who ‘‘know the truth but choose instead to propagate lies’’.

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Tamed Estate: copying and pasting government drops?

Spruiking the Coalition’s 2020 tax cuts; Australians’ ‘$200 billion’ war chest; Google’s experiments; free speech; and even a Liberal Party self-congratulatory piece on the NBN. 

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Media concentration in Australia and the Murdoch damage

It is important that any arrangements made for Facebook/Google/Twitter to pay media companies for content are made transparently and equally available to ALL online media publishers who meet (a very low) bar and wish to participate.No government should  ever facilitate … Continue reading

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Media in the Asian Century. An Australian anti-China hawk helped draft US Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific

“In many ways (Australians) were ahead of the curve in understanding influence operations and interference in domestic systems,” one senior US official told me. “They were pioneers and we have to give a lot of credit to Australia.” The official … Continue reading

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WeChat’s Potential for Social Activism and Civic Action in the Chinese Diaspora (GJIA Dec 10, 2020)

WeChat is predominantly used by Mandarin speakers both within and outside China. Although this social media platform is owned by a Chinese company and is subject to China’s censorship and scrutiny, it nevertheless has the potential to enable social activism … Continue reading

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The elephant, the canary, the wolf and other beasties to dispatch by journalists.

The tweeters are using the media as spittoons. Along with the contrived malice of Donald Trump and the spinmeisters of government they’re doing their damnedest to discredit our profession. We don’t need help: This is a job we’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Media Manipulation from WWII to today

There’s a place for the rogue journalist who refuses to be manipulated and managed by the military. A place that has been explored extensively by Australian journalist and war correspondent Wilfred Burchett.

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BBC & ABC threatening hearts and minds

Apropos the times, in Covid-Speak government propaganda and lies spread by compliant media are a war-mongering contagion and the only vaccine is the Truth.. and where do you get it?  At principled alternative media sites like Pearls & Irritations. They save lives.

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Mainstream media either ignore or castigate youth

Youth have borne the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting recession. Hearing from young people is therefore more important than ever, yet their representation in the media is minuscule and dropping, according to a recent report. News Corp’s … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: youth excoriated for their behaviour, not so senior citizens

On the journey of Covid-19 and “enemies of the state”, hotel quarantine, sycophancy, the vaccine, MPs’report cards, and Reds under the … somewhere. 

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Media in the Asian Century: Read all about our media expertise on China!

This week Sharri Markson exposed the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the British MI6 and others for a gormless bunch of gumshoes and naifs.

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