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Dr Rivka T Witenberg is an academic and writer focusing on moral development and tolerance. Latest publication: The psychology of tolerance: Conception and development

What about the security companies? Don’t they have corporate ethical responsibility?

We are in stage 4 of the lock-down in Melbourne and that has great implications for personal and social life as well as the economy. As a result of the lock-down, listeners have contacted radio stations, approving of it because … Continue reading

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Faulty reasoning in BBC purge. Dealing with art and prejudice.

How will the BBC, other media organisations and theatre companies deal with plays that are clearly prejudicial, injurious and intolerant towards a particular group of people in the future? 

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RIVKA T. WITENBERG Promoting Tolerance and Acceptance through Education

The role of education is to encourage moral and socially moral/ethical individuals who develop a robust sense of fairness, justice and empathy which will influence tolerance and acceptance.

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RIVKA T. WITENBERG A moral dilemma or not.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has created some problematic dilemmas, at least for some of us. We hear from people of all walks of life asking whether it could be that the cure is worse than the disease.

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RIVKA T. WITENBERG.-Panic buying is not hoarding:

Why are people emptying supermarket shelves? They grab not only toilet paper, milk, Panadol, paper towels, rice and spaghetti but also hand sanitisers, cans of all descriptions and more recently alcohol.

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RIVKA T WITENBERG Moral Disengagement, Honesty, Transparency, Accountability and the Sports Rort.

Generally speaking, most people desire to behave ethically and within moral bounds.

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RIVKA T. WITENBERG The paradoxical nature of freedom of speech and hate speech.

  The shocking events which have taken place in recent times has again ignited the debate about the paradoxical nature of freedom of speech and the right to express hateful opinions or beliefs without restriction or limits including hate towards … Continue reading

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