An Alternative Budget Strategy by Michael Keating

Jul 17, 2014

In this blog in May this year I posted a five-part series by Michael Keating on the government’s May budget and the economic and social consequences.  There has been a great deal of discussion and confusion, particularly in the senate, over this budget. This has caused Joe Hockey only a few days ago to warn that he is ready to bypass parliament and force through new spending cuts if Labor and the Greens do not come to the table on millions of dollars of budget savings.

Next week I will be posting three-part series by Michael Keating on an alternative budget strategy. In that series, Michael Keating says ‘there is an alternative to the government’s budget strategy – contrary to the assertion by the government and its supporters that in fact “there is no alternative”.’

This three-part alternative will be posted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  John Menadue

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