Voice to Parliament: An Australian test of character

Oct 14, 2023
The Australian and Australian Aboriginal flags.

Will Australia today say Yes and agree to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice? Or will we reject the request made to us by representatives of First Nations communities in the Uluru Statement from the Heart? 

Over recent weeks and months, our writers have given their voice to the collection of articles Pearls and Irritations has published in relation to the Referendum of 14 October 2023, in which Australians will be asked to give their vote to the following question:

A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration? Yes/No.

On which side of history will Australia choose to stand?

Read the full collection here:

Marguerita Stephens

Bitter truths: colonisation was not so good for some

Frances Cowell

The Voice: through the disinformation to the source of opposition

David Absolum

I am voting Yes, but many No voters support reconciliation

Stephanie Dowrick

Our Central Land Council “overwhelmingly asks you to vote YES”

Laurel Clare Lloyd-Jones

Was the Uluru Statement of the Heart a prophetic vision for Australia?

Humphrey McQueen

The Voice: How to change the Constitution without asking

Samantha Helps

This land cries out in final warning

Kingsley Liu

A Yes Vote just as important to Chinese-Australians as for our Indigenous brothers and sisters

Tony Smith

If you are proud of the Constitution, vote ‘Yes’

John Queripel

The referendum: So little asked, so graciously, but seemingly too much

Bob Carr

Taking the high ground: let kindness have its day

Peter Rodgers

Killing for Country: Another plank in truth-telling

Lucy Hamilton

The Voice reveals the urgent need for truth reforms

Spencer Zifcak

The Constitution, sovereignty and The Voice

Karla Grant

Karla Grant explores Norway’s 34-year Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Paul Keating

Leadership from Paul Keating on recognition of Aboriginal dispossession -1992

Noel Turnbull

The Great Australian Silence

Bronwyn Kelly

Remember Brexit? Australians will regret voting No on the Indigenous Voice

Henry Reynolds

Assimilation re-emerges

Narelle Bedford

Why The Voice will lead to better government decision-making

Vivienne Milligan

Embedding indigenous advice in government policy key to real change

Abul Rizvi

How I decided to vote in the upcoming Voice referendum

Eva Cox

Avoid the damage of NO: A plea to all women

Ewan McArthur

Self-determination is a choice: The Voice Referendum and what follows

Dennis O’Brien

“Yes” on the Voice is a vote for a better future

Henry Reynolds

The Voice: walking with the Australian people for a better future

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