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Oct 12, 2021
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We’ve been encouraged by the response to our callout last week for donations.

Many thanks to all of those subscribers who have so generously donated to Pearls and Irritations in the past week. These financial donations will greatly help us improve the quality of our content and our reach.

There may be others who would like to help.

In September this year we had a record audience of almost half a million views. This is double the audience of September last year. Even Noam Chomsky reads Pearls and Irritations.

Pearls is already at the vanguard of independent media in Australia. We are now cementing our position as the leading public policy journal but the production, editing, promotion and legal challenges are substantial.

This is why we have asked for your financial support to meet the costs and, more importantly, take Pearls to the next level.

We do not have a paywall and we do not accept advertising. This will continue.

We are grateful to our writers, who are not paid. Susie and I are also unpaid.

If you are able, you can commit to monthly donations here. To make a one-off contribution, click here.

Donations are not deductible for tax purposes.

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