A revolution in American Foreign Policy

Mar 27, 2024
President Joe Biden walks from the Oval Office of the White House to the Presidential limousine on the South Lawn driveway Tuesday, July 27, 2021,

Such is the title of a recently published FOREIGN AFFAIRS article by Bernie Sanders, the sub-title of which is Replacing Greed, Militarism and Hypocrisy With Solidarity, Diplomacy, and Human Rights.

Readers will recall Bernie Sanders as the Senator for Vermont with a reputation as a liberal progressive who sought the Democratic nomination for President in 2016, losing to Hillary Clinton, and again in 2020, losing to Joe Biden. Readers may also recall of him that he is actually a little older than Joe Biden – one of few perhaps – and also that he is Jewish.

As the title indicates Sanders’ article addresses US foreign policy. It identifies two current critical areas – Israel and the alleged threat posed by China – and notes that the position of the US on both is causing the US to become increasingly isolated from much of the rest of the World.

The article looks at the track record of the US since WWII covering Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, to name the more prominent ‘mistakes’. It addresses the hypocrisy in many decisions, the failure to address climate change, and the placing of profits over people.

The article looks to what must be done on such issues as tax havens, military spending, and UN reform, to name just a few.

Here is a passage in the article which indicates Sanders’ intent:

If the goal of foreign policy is to help create a peaceful and prosperous world, the foreign policy establishment needs to fundamentally rethink its assumptions. Spending trillions of dollars on endless wars and defence contracts is not going to address the existential threat of climate change or the likelihood of future pandemics. It is not going to feed hungry children, reduce hatred, educate the illiterate, or cure diseases. It is not going to help create a shared global community and diminish the likelihood of war.


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