Adolf Eichmann would have been acquitted if tried under Australian law: Weekly Roundup

Nov 25, 2023
Infrastructure spending – has there really been any reform?

Something’s happening in renewable energy, the government embraces the National Party’s established approach to infrastructure funding, if you can’t find a rental on land take a cabin on a cruise, the Albanese government is slow to act because it has to clear all significant policy through Dutton, and why Adolf Eichmann would have been acquitted if he had been tried under Australian law. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Australia’s energy transition

A corporate takeover battle about renewable energy, industry superannuation funds, and the whole model of shareholder capitalism. How long can we go on earning carbon credits for not doing bad stuff? Global progress, perhaps, but we’d better get a move-on because we’re not the only country with sunshine. Who’s emitting what in the world – some surprises. Australians are shocked to learn of a connection between bushfires and climate change.

Other economics

The infrastructure review – still an opening for pork barrelling and not much for country roads. How tooth decay has become the RBA’s new inflation indicator. Our age-divided economy – who’s struggling and who’s cruising. An economic assessment of Jobkeeper – OK but it was savage on education.


Why Adolf Eichmann would have been acquitted if he had been tried under Australian law – our weak progress to whistleblower protection. Trust and social cohesion – we’re becoming meaner and less trusting. If you follow the Murdoch media you learn that the Albanese government is less competent and socially responsible than Hamas. The funny side of politics.

Public ideas

There’s no catastrophe: it’s just that we’re sliding into post-Enlightenment darkness. Dispassionate critical thinking has become so rare that it makes the same headlines as re-discovering an extinct species.

Country roads

Links to sources of webinars, podcasts and readings.

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